Sunday, September 12, 2010


I moved all my stuff over to youtube and
check them out to stay updated and thanks for stopping by


LP said...
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Anonymous said...

uwah~!...your so lucky to be at tokyo josh...i envy you...i wish i get to go to tokyo,japan...ahaha :D ^^

Hiroshi.Tho said...

I like ! you movies of japan ! in youtube...
I like japan !
I from chile and my english is little D:!
sorry !

I speak spanish and little english !


white.rosebud said...

Awwww, I just came across your blog :(

Args said...

How much Japanese do you know? I'd assume that you're quite fluent. Would you be willing to teach me? I only know a little and I'd like to transfer to Japan when I'm older, so learning from someone who lives in Japan is ideal. I can introduce myself and all that but I still don't know very much at all.



sabrina-san said...

I saw your v-logs on youtube, and they're fantastic!! Good job! Good luck, I'll be waiting to next films:)
Greetings from Poland :)